About Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

Greetings from the General Manager

Dear patrons and friends,

Allow me to take this occasion to convey to you my deepest appreciation for the gracious goodwill and encouragement you continue to extend to me and to Imperial Hotel, Ltd.

As you no doubt know, Imperial Hotel, Ltd. has had the distinct privilege and pleasure of welcoming numerous important Japanese and international guests to the capital since our opening November 3rd, 1890, in the 23rd Year of the Meiji Era, in our role as the nation's state guesthouse. The importance of this traditional role is enhanced yearly as foreign individuals from every corner of the world arrive on our shores with burgeoning expectations. At the Imperial Hotel, we continue to receive countless domestic and international visitors as we have since our very first days, with sincerity and classical Japanese hospitality.

We look forward with pleasure to welcoming you here with time-honored dedication and personalized care, as we have for over 125 years, so each of your stays with us ends a richly comfortable and most memorable experience. We humbly solicit your ongoing patronage.

Most cordially yours,

Yukio Kanao
Managing Director, Imperial Hotel, Ltd.,
and General Manager, Imperial Hotel, Tokyo